About Us

8530564Pop-A-Lock ® was founded by former law enforcement officers in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1991. They recognized the need for a car door unlocking service while they had provided this free community service through the Sheriff’s office. The increasing technological sophistication of vehicle locking and latching systems, combined with the introduction of new features such as electric controls and side-impact airbags, meant that the old solutions to being locked out-including “Slim Jims” and coat hangers-were no longer adequate or, worse, were likely to damage the vehicle. Pop-A-Lock introduced specialized tools, extensive technician training, and exhaustive vehicle research as the solution. This specialized service was quickly accepted by the public and by May of 1993 had expanded to Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

As Pop-A-Lock continued to grow into the largest and fastest growing car door unlocking franchise in the country the company expanded during the mid-90’s to provide Full Mobile Locksmith Service to commercial, residential and automotive customers. Today Pop-A-Lock is now the largest full-service locksmith and car door unlocking service in the United States.

Because Pop-A-Lock was originally started by law enforcement officers, they were aware of the traumatic and dangerous cases where infants and small children are locked in vehicles. As a result, the Emergency Door Unlocking Program, or EDU, was created as a free service to the communities we serve. Nationwide, Pop-A-Lock rescues hundreds of children each and every day!

Pop-A-Lock’s value proposition and formula for success is offering

  • competitive rates
  • quick response
  • guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • unsurpassed trained and equipped locksmiths

As a result Pop-A-Lock consistently dominates its markets. Pop-A-Lock’s mission is to be the best Mobile Locksmith and Lockout Technical Services (Controlled Access, Locksmith, and Car Door Unlocking Service) company in the world.

Pop-A-Lock of Northern VA was founded by Jeff Watson in 2013 to provide locksmith services for all of Prince William County, as well as the I-95 corridor from Lorton to Fredericksburg. PALNOVA plans to expand services to include Loudoun County in 2014.

Jeff retired from the U.S. Army after nearly 25 years’ service as a commissioned officer and helicopter pilot. He graduated from the Heidelberg American High School in Germany (1983), the University of Colorado, Boulder CO (1988), and the University of Phoenix (2006). He is a family man, married for over 15 years and the dad of two boys. Jeff is a licensed locksmith in the state of Virginia (DCJS #99-292924).